Chris Cornell was both a hero for writing about his depression, and possibly an accidental victim of it at the same time…

In retrospect, the 90’s weren’t know for having the most upbeat music. Take at face value some of Nirvana’s song titles like “Lithium”, “Rape Me”, and “Something in the Way”. Soundgarden had some pretty dark ones as well including the lyrics, not that art has to be pretty. Also some amazingly motivational ones like “Rusty Cage’ that speak to a kind of tortured invincibility and boundless optimism. I would say people identified with this raw, pain and frustration besides the fact that the musicians were all amazing and Cornell could sing like few others. It takes guts to write about your darkness, it takes a great big set of rock and roll balls that don’t fit in torn “grunge’style jeans”.

The Day I tried to live

“The Day I tried to Live”

woke the same as any other day
Except a voice was in my head
It said seize the day, pull the trigger, drop the blade
And watch the rolling heads

The day I tried to live
I stole a thousand beggar’s change
And gave it to the rich

Words would you say
Never seem to live up to the ones inside your head
The lives we make
Never seem to ever get us anywhere but dead

“Blackhole Sun”

“Blackhole Sun”

in my eyess, indisposed
In disguises no one knows
Hides the face, lies the snake
The sun in my disgrace
Boiling heat, summer stench
‘Neath the black the sky looks dead
Call my name through the cream
And I’ll hear you scream again
Black hole sun
Won’t you come
And wash away the rain
Black hole sun
Won’t you come
Won’t you come (won’t you come)

Blow up the outside world

“Blow up the Outside World”

Nothing seems to kill me no matter how hard I try
Nothing is closing my eyes
Nothing can beat me down for your pain or delight
And nothing seems to break me
No matter how hard I fall nothing can break me at all
Not one for giving up though not invincible I know

I’ve givin’ everything I need
I’d give you everything I own
I’d give in if it could at least be ours alone
I’ve given everything I could
To blow it to hell and gone
Burrow down in and
Blow up the outside world

Someone tried to tell me something
Don’t let the world get you down
Nothing will do me in before I do myself
So save it for your own and the ones you can help

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