Songwriting: In the Studio VS in the bedroom.

I’ll admit I’m a bit jealous of famous songwriters, not only of their budgets but of the time they have to spend on their projects. I always feel like I have to squeeze mine into the cracks between the rest of my life. Always such an enjoyable experience when its all over but the pre-studio jitters drive me a bit crazy. It feels like shining a spotlight on your naked body, putting so much of yourself out there. It’s not like these epic stories of Pink Floyd albums where they can spend weeks on this stuff.

Pink Floyd – Corrosion

Because I’m on a budget, I prefer to plan things out quite a bit, also probably because I’m a bit of a worrier. Used to be because I was in a band and had to get everyone on the same page but now as a solo artist it does feel a bit liberating, although I’m hardly on the level of these guys, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite. Its nice if you can really just relax, feel the music and let the engineer take care of the drum sound, inputs and outputs. Also I seem to have no idea what my best songs are until I play them and hear the playback.

I’m in, I’m out and I’m gone

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